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Does your pool table have a place in your new home? Did you recently buy a pool table from a private seller? Let us do the moving for you! Disassembling, transporting and re-assembling a pool table require great care and certain technical skills -- qualities that our technicians have! 


TIP: Get a discount if you change the felt when we move your table!


Tired of the color of felt on your table? Maybe it has gotten dirty and faded over the years. We can install a brand new felt on your pool table at an affordable price. We use commercial grade 21oz felt by Championship. There are many colors to choose from. We keep the following colors in stock: GREEN, RED, BURGUNDY, BLACK, NAVY BLUE, CAMEL/TAN. 


NOTE: We also accomodate special orders. 

Rubber Cushion Replacement 

We'll replace those hard-rock, dead rails for you! NOTE: You can either drop off the rails at our shop or we can pick them up at your location. We usually need at least 24 hours to install the rails back.



TIP: We recommend that you change the felt and rubbers at the same time. You can save a lot more!

Assembly and Disassembly

We can provide assistance if you need us to assemble or disassemble your pool table. 



NOTE: We specialize in SLATE pool tables. 

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